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Running a successful salon is more than Top Shelf Products and the Inspired Training Programs we offer you, it’s also about supporting you at the backbar, at the station and with your marketing efforts. That's where our REDAVID Rewards Program comes into play!

Most accrual programs fail because the manufacturer offers a “lopsided program”. It’s complex for you to redeem, complex for them to manage, and incredibly frustrating for everybody. In creating this program, we figured: keep it simple. You don’t have to track anything - you get rewarded INSTANTLY at the time of purchase. Use the free product on clients, use it as a tester, use it to create product gift baskets or giveaways!


Because of Privacy Laws, we need your confirmation for your Distributor to share sales data related to your account to calculate rewards. Please review the statement below and complete the form to opt-in to our Salon Rewards Program. No rewards can be fulfilled until we have your approval.


I authorize my distributor to provide REDAVID Salon Products with sales data on a monthly basis. I agree that the only identifying information provided to REDAVID constitutes business contact information and not personal information, and REDAVID will only use that business contact information for business purposes in accordance with United States law. To the extent that an individual provides, or is deemed to provide, REDAVID with personal information, that individual consents to REDAVID use of that information in relation to the administration of the Salon Rewards Program and/or the promotion and sale of REDAVID products.

In signing this document, I authorize my distributor to provide REDAVID Salon Products all applicable purchase information.


Did you know that studies have shown that consumers are 65% less likely to purchase if retail shelves are cluttered or messy? To simplify, position REDAVID products with space in between and (if you have the space) at multiple levels. This gives you room for decor accessories to create interest. Many fellow salon owners decorate with an orchid or two, which also gives you an opportunity to tell the REDAVID story! Utilize the free product in this program as testers, giveaways and to stock your styling stations!

Photo: Revolutions Salon at Metrotown Center, Burnaby, B.C., Krave Hair Studio, New Westminster, B.C. & One Wellness & Spa, Canmore, AB.